Fertility acupuncture

Pam has helped countless people through all stages of their pregnancy journey, specialising in both Preconception Acupuncture and Pre-Birth Acupuncture.

Some of Pam’s testimonials for fertility acupuncture

My partner and I had been trying for a baby for 6 months with no success. I was becoming quite anxious and upset as the months went by and I was aware that it was causing a strain on our relationship. A visit to my local GP proved to be most unhelpful, I was told to keep trying and come back in 6-12 months. During a conversation with a friend, whom I didn’t realize had suffered fertility issues; Pam’s name came up. I phoned the clinic and after one conversation with Pam I felt more positive. I arranged for an initial appointment, which proved to be very helpful, it was just so good to be able to talk to somebody who understood how I felt. We discussed the way my partner and I lived and our diet, Pam helped me to work out whether we were trying for a baby at the right time of the month and also reminded me that I needed to keep a healthy balance on trying to conceive and keeping my partner happy. Pam also made sure I had the correct blood tests done to check that my hormones were functioning correctly. We arranged regular acupuncture appointments, which was difficult because of the hours I was working, but these became my regular ‘me time’ slots which I never missed. Who could believe you can fall asleep with needles in you! I even managed to get my partner along for a couple of treatments. With the acupuncture and change of lifestyle my partner and I felt as though we were being pro-active in TTC. My periods became less painful and my partner did comment on the fact that I was easier to live with. By the end of 4 months of regular acupuncture I found out I was pregnant. I continued to see Pam throughout my pregnancy and up to the birth. We now have a beautiful baby boy and I will be back to see Pam to help extend our family!

Sarah, 36

After failing to get pregnant for several years and failed courses of stimulated IUI, I was about to embark on the dreaded IVF rollercoaster. As a western medical practitioner I was sceptical about turning to acupuncture but then I read an article in The Observer reporting a study in which IVF success rates were increased with the addition of specialist acupuncture. This was all the evidence I needed. I was on the internet the next day and found Pam! I now have a healthy beautiful baby boy. We were successful with our second round of IVF, having seen Pam regularly before the start of treatment and throughout the pregnancy. I think I went to Pam too late in the first cycle. I now have great faith in this complimentary therapy, but also most importantly in Pam. Being able to visist her regularly and voice all my concerns and anxieties was brilliant. She’s a great listener, gives sensible, pragmatic advice and taught me to relax despite needles! If we decide to embark on number two, I will be sure to get on the blower to Pam. I would recommend her to anyone considering acupuncture to aid conception

Fiona, 37

I am writing to say a huge thankyou for all your help and support you gave me whilst trying for a baby and ultimately the part you played in helping me conceive. Freddie is the best thing that has ever happened to us and I don’t think I could have done it without you. When we first met, my husband and I had been trying for a baby for several years. We’d had one cycle of IVF and I had also suffered a miscarriage. I was stressed, I had too much internal heat (too hot all the time) I didn’t know how to relax and I had no ‘me time’ during my week at all. The first thing you gave me was hope and positive feedback – something that I desperately needed to hear. The second thing you did was calm me down, cool me down and give me an hour a week of relaxation. I used to really look forward to having acupuncture as once the needles were in I would promptly fall asleep! I believe that everything you did for me played a part in helping us to achieve our ultimate goal, to conceive and deliver a healthy baby. We are now ready to start trying for baby number 2 so I’ll be booking my next course of acupuncture with you in the next few weeks

Rosie, 38

IVF is a challenge to everything, your health, self-esteem, your work life and your relationship with your partner. I can say without hesitation that I would never have made it through the cycle without Pam. I saw her each week and as the process took it’s toll Pam was a rock: constantly positive, full of good advice, a sounding board and a shoulder to cry on

Andrea, 33

I found out about Pam and her acupuncture clinic through the internet, she responded quickly to my email and I embarked on one of the best journeys of my life with regards to fertility treatment. Pam’s approach and holistic treatment towards me allowed me to begin to understand how my body works, the different hormones, the type of treatment that I was receiving from the NHS and how acupuncture complimented this. Pam gave me space to relax and fully harness the two aspects of treatment. The place that I got to in my mind about fertility,I feel was down to Pam and the acupuncture that I received……….. I fell pregnant on my first treatment of ICSI.I have never been pregnant before. My husband and I now have a wonderful daughter, who is just a ray of bright glowing sunshine that we never thought we would have. I cannot thank Pam enough for helping us on this journey. For others that read this, have hope and believe

Karen, 35

My husband and I had been trying for our second baby for two years and I became increasingly desperate as my 43rd birthday came and went without me getting pregnant. I had read about the benifits of acupuncture for boosting fertility and decided to try. I started seeing Pam Bescoby at the Hale Acupuncture clinic in the summer of 2008 and felt more relaxed after just a couple of sessions. I found that acupuncture made me feel re-charged and more positive. When we decided to try IVF, Pam gave me a lot of useful background reading on the process which she had gathered whilst treating people with fertility problems. I started my first cycle of IVF in September 2008 and continued my weekly acupuncture sessions with Pam during my treatment. The acupuncture helped me relax and I felt very calm throughout the many visits to the IVF clinic which I think definitely helped me to cope with what was a stressful experience. I was absolutely delighted to discover that I was pregnant after my first cycle- a miracle as we’d been given a less than 5% chance of success. I continued with acupuncture throughout my pregnancy for morning sickness and other symptoms and we are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy born in July 2009. For me acupuncture was a very positive experience, it gave me a sense of wellbeing and calm which was so important when trying for a baby. I also found that Pam was a great source of knowledge on infertility and its treatment and was very supportive throughout the whole process

Katy, 44

I firmly believe that without Acupuncture and without Pam , we never would have had our baby. The sessions were always positive, always relaxing and tailored to my individual health and emotional needs. I tried acupuncture out of desperation, but I would recommend it to anyone who is having fertility problems. However a good practitioner is essential.Pam’s practice specialises in fetility and without her we never would have been succesful. She changed my life forever by being the extra support, the extra expertise that I needed in order to have a baby. I would recommend her without hesitation and I will never forget what she did for us

Kim, 33