About Hale Acupuncture


When Pam Bescoby graduated from the Northern College of Acupuncture in 2003 her mission was to set up a general practice in her home town of Hale in Cheshire. Pam did exactly that but never expected along the way to become one of the best known and respected fertility support practitioners in the north of England

Not everybody leaves Pam’s care pregnant, some of the north west’s leading international footballers now visit Pam on a regular basis as part of their wellbeing and fitness programme. Her knowledge in the use of acupuncture and cupping has proven highly effective in the treatment of soft tissue injuries caused by trauma or strain.

Pam has undertaken extensive post graduate study in Obstetric and Gynaecological acupuncture. As one of the founding members of the Zita West acupuncture for fertility network, Pam travelled to China with Zita as part of a study team to experience first hand the use of acupuncture and fertility. These ongoing studies further fuel her passion for helping couples to achieve their dream of a family, as does her experience as a mother of two sons and grandmother to two grandsons. Pam knows only too well the desire for a family and the pleasure it can bring.

Pam now has the experience of working alongside several western medical practitioners ensuring that all patients have the correct fertility investigations and where necessary advises on how and where to seek further treatment. Along the way Pam has also established a network of complementary practitioners to call upon for the benefit of her patients, all professional and experienced in the fertility field.

Hale Acupuncture was awarded ‘Best Acupuncture Practice’ in the LUX Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards in 2017, 2018 & 2019.